Q:What is the purpose of a holster?
A: The most important aspect of a holster is to provide safety for you and your firearm while carrying. A proper holster will have your trigger covered completely while holstered and will never allow your firearm to fall out. This is where a lot of holsters fall short. The retention for your firearm so you don't send it sliding across the ground when you may need it most. 
Q: Won't kydex scratch/wear the finish of my firearm?
A: No. Kydex will not scratch your firearm. Kydex is a 100% polymer material. This means that there are no reinforced hardeners involved with the production of kydex. The biggest issue will be dirt and debris in your holster. Keep your holster dirt/debris free by wiping it out with a rag with cleaning solvent. Wear may present itself eventually, but is to be expected with a carry gun. 
Q: Why Kydex?
A: Kydex is very slim, lightweight, easily maintainable, provides proper retention, and will last you a lifetime. 
Q: Can you do a holster for a custom firearm?
A: Yes custom firearms can be done. Custom is considered changes made to the factory dimensions of the gun (Slide machining), threaded barrel, suppressor sights, or RMR optic. Please contact for details.
Q: What are the different styles of attachment?
A: We use two different styles of attachment for our IWB and OWB holsters. All of our attachment methods are top of the line for durability. For IWB the clip is the default option. The clip provides an easy on/off solution. The second method is the loop attachment. The loop is a rubber coated nylon material with a "pull-the-dot" snap.
Q: Why am I billed immediately for my purchase?
A: All of our gear is custom hand made to order. We do not keep an inventory so every piece of gear is made just for you.
Q: My gun isn't listed under the firearms drop down.
A: We update our available guns as soon as possible as we add new guns often. Please feel free to contact us with what gun you may have and we will do everything to accommodate you.
Q: When will my order ship?
A: Please look on the top of our site to see our current lead time. Our lead times are estimates and we usually get orders out before the stated time. If we have an issue with your order, we call or email as soon as we can. Please email us after your lead has passed.